Ancoats Green Blossoms as Culmination of Two-Decade Transformation

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In a symbolic homage to the city’s past, paving slabs from Albert Square are poised to be repurposed in the development of Ancoats Green, the latest addition to Manchester’s ever-evolving urban fabric. This ambitious park, currently taking shape on Wadeford Close, not only marks the conclusion of Ancoats’ extensive regeneration but also stands as a testament to the remarkable metamorphosis the area has undergone over the last two decades.

Ancoats Green, envisioned as an eco-friendly oasis, is set to become a versatile community haven, boasting wildflower meadows, wetlands, play areas, extensive grassy spaces, and an events arena. Adding a unique touch, the park’s pathways will be adorned with granite slabs recycled from the restoration of Albert Square, seamlessly connecting the new green space with the historical heart of the city.

Adjacent to Ancoats Green, a ground breaking ‘Mobility Hub’ aims to redefine connectivity, providing a seamless link to a major housing initiative named One Ancoats Green, spearheaded by the city-owned This City. Council leader Bev Craig notes that this transformative development is the crowning jewel of the ‘third and final’ phase of Ancoats’ regeneration, a journey that commenced two decades ago.

Ancoats, once characterized by disused mills and neglected landscapes, has blossomed into the ‘world’s coolest neighbourhood’ in recent years. However, a 2022 study disclosed that approximately one in four households still grapples with deprivation, though this represented the lowest rate of deprivation in the city at that time, standing at 23 percent.

Council leader Bev Craig acknowledges the area’s newfound popularity, stating, “It’s not surprising as a city centre location close to jobs, services, and entertainment, alongside excellent transport links.” She adds that the decision to create Ancoats Green is an opportunity to nurture a new green heart for Ancoats, fostering community growth and unity.

Moreover, Bev Craig envisions Ancoats Green as part of a broader commitment to make Manchester greener, aligning with other significant projects such as Victoria North, Mayfield Park, and Central Retail Park. Speaking at a recent council executive meeting on January 17, Craig emphasized the potential to seamlessly connect these green spaces.

“I think there is an opportunity to be able to weave a lot of this together to ensure that people enjoying Ancoats and New Islington continue to have access to high-quality spaces right on their doorstep,” she said. “Ancoats Green is a start, but then considering how this site connects into Cotton Field Park at the heart of New Islington on the marina, how that reaches across to Medlock Valley, a very significant green space site that will then ultimately potentially connect into what we’ve got in Mayfield Park.”

The Ancoats Green and Mobility Hub projects are set to cost £32.7 million in total, with substantial support from Homes England contributing £28.1 million and an additional £4.7 million from the Greater Manchester Mayor’s office.

As the final puzzle piece in Ancoats’ renaissance, Ancoats Green promises not only to be a scenic retreat but a cohesive link between the past and the future, weaving together the vibrant history of Albert Square with the progressive vision for a greener and more connected Manchester.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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