18th Century Edinburgh Dovecot Set for Quirky Airbnb Conversion

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An intriguing transformation may be on the horizon for an 18th-century dovecot nestled within the Dundas Castle Estate, located just outside the historic city of Edinburgh. The structure, steeped in history and overlooking the picturesque Firth of the Forth Bridge, has caught the attention of developers aiming to repurpose it into a distinctive Airbnb accommodation.

A planning application submitted for the project outlines the vision to convert the cylindrical dovecot, which has long remained vacant and unused, into a charming overnight stay experience. Situated within the esteemed A-Listed Dundas Castle Estate, this architectural gem presents an opportunity to breathe new life into a piece of Scotland’s past.

Constructed in 1818 by the esteemed Scottish architect William Burn, Dundas Castle stands as a testament to the country’s rich heritage. The dovecot, perched atop a hill within the estate, boasts panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape, making it an ideal spot for a unique getaway.

Despite its historical significance, the dovecot has languished in disuse for years. While the central potence, or revolving ladder, has succumbed to the ravages of time, the sturdy stonework and well-preserved timber roof structure endure. The proposed project aims to revitalise this venerable structure, transforming it into a one-bedroom retreat complete with a modest kitchen, toilet, and shower facilities. Additionally, plans include a cosy double bed and a compact bath situated on the newly envisioned first-floor deck.

Although the dovecot currently lacks functional utilities such as electricity and heating, the project’s planning statement underscores the commitment to preserving its architectural integrity. Emphasising minimal external modifications, the proposal aims to sensitively adapt the interior while honouring the structure’s historical significance. Moreover, situated within the Green Belt, the project aligns with the landscape’s rural character, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

The significance of Dundas Castle and its estate cannot be overstated, with their archaeological and historical importance holding national acclaim. Proponents of the project assert that the proposed alterations will enhance rather than detract from the site’s setting, offering visitors a chance to engage with Scotland’s rich cultural heritage.

Furthermore, opening up this unique asset to a wider audience aligns with the vision of preserving and celebrating Scotland’s architectural legacy. By repurposing the dovecot as an Airbnb accommodation, the project not only breathes new life into a historic structure but also fosters tourism and economic growth in the region.

As discussions surrounding the transformation of the dovecot unfold, stakeholders are urged to consider the delicate balance between preservation and adaptation. While the project holds promise for revitalising a piece of Scotland’s past, it must navigate the complexities of heritage conservation and modernisation.

In the coming months, attention will undoubtedly turn to the decision-makers tasked with determining the fate of this cherished landmark. As the debate ensues, one thing remains clear: the transformation of the 18th-century dovecot into a quirky Airbnb has the potential to shape the narrative of Scotland’s cultural landscape for generations to come.

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