Three Arrested Amid Gaza War Protests in Newcastle

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Friction erupted as demonstrations against the ongoing Gaza conflict spilled onto the grounds of Newcastle University and permeated the city centre, resulting in three arrests and significant disturbances.

A contingent of students commandeered the Armstrong Building at Newcastle University on Wednesday, initiating a five-hour standoff. Authorities from Northumbria Police reported that several protesters defied directives, leading to what they termed as “considerable disruption” in the city centre later that evening.

Two individuals in their twenties were apprehended for offences against public order, while another individual in his sixties was arrested for breaching the peace.

The occupation of the Armstrong Building commenced around 16:10 BST, prompting police intervention. Despite attempts at engagement, a portion of the protesters remained steadfast in their resistance, with some attempting to gain entry into the building. Subsequently, the demonstration spilled into other areas of the city centre, exacerbating the disruptions.

At the time of reporting, the individuals detained for public order violations remained in police custody, while the third individual had been released.

“While the right to peaceful protest is upheld, any criminal activity will be met with appropriate measures,” asserted a spokesperson for the Northumbria Police.

The unrest marks an escalation in the Newcastle Coalition Apartheid Off Campus group’s activities, following four weeks of peaceful demonstrations. Their demands include severing ties with defence companies and Israeli universities, coupled with a fervent call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

In response, Newcastle University reiterated its stance on unauthorised occupation, affirming that such actions would be treated as trespass, with disciplinary repercussions for involved students.

The Union of Jewish Students highlighted concerns over the safety of Jewish students amidst the protests, citing instances of abuse. Urging the university to ensure a secure environment for all students, a spokesperson implored campus leadership to take proactive measures.

The protests in Newcastle echo similar demonstrations sweeping across UK universities, including Manchester, Leeds, and Goldsmiths in London. These actions are part of a broader global movement in solidarity with Palestine, mirroring protests in the United States, where over 1,000 individuals have been arrested in similar demonstrations.

The developments in Newcastle underscore the growing intensity of international sentiments surrounding the Gaza conflict. As tensions persist, stakeholders are urged to seek avenues for constructive dialogue to address the underlying grievances and foster peaceful resolutions.

Danielle Trigg
Danielle Trigg
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