New Community Radio Station to Emerge from Siren Radio’s Closure

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In a notable shift for Lincoln’s radio scene, Siren FM, a cherished community station founded at the University in 1997, has ceased operations. The station signed off on Sunday, 30 June, marking the end of an era for students, staff, and local residents who have valued its programming for more than two decades. However, this closure sets the stage for a fresh initiative: Witham Radio, to be managed by Brayford Broadcasting C.I.C.

The University announced in February 2024 that Siren FM would give way to a new audio production platform, prompting disappointment among volunteers and listeners. This decision is part of a broader initiative to enhance students’ digital media skills. Despite objections, the university proceeded with its plan, and Siren FM broadcast its final show in June.

In a positive turn, the university confirmed on Monday, 1 July, that Witham Radio would continue the station’s legacy. A representative from Brayford Broadcasting C.I.C., a non-profit organisation, disclosed that they would take over Siren FM’s FM licence pending approval from Ofcom. This transition will enable the launch of Witham Radio as an independent entity.

Collaboration between university leadership, former Siren FM staff, and volunteers has been crucial in facilitating this licence transfer. A university spokesperson expressed support for Brayford Broadcasting C.I.C., stating, “We are pleased to support the transfer of the FM licence to Brayford Broadcasting C.I.C., pending Ofcom approval. Our consultation on the future of media education has involved a wide range of stakeholders, ensuring our students are equipped for digital media careers. We will implement these ideas in our courses starting September.”

While the FM frequency 107.3MHz, formerly occupied by Siren FM, will remain silent until the transfer and relocation of equipment are completed, Witham Radio plans to begin online broadcasts in the interim. The station aims to capture the community’s vibrancy, providing a platform for diverse voices and local culture.

Witham Radio’s team will include radio professionals alongside former Siren FM volunteers and staff, maintaining the quality and ethos of programming. The station promises content that resonates with the community, reflecting the rich history and community spirit of Siren FM.

A spokesperson from Brayford Broadcasting C.I.C. expressed gratitude and optimism, saying, “We thank the loyal audience and community supporters who have been part of our Siren FM family for 17 years. We invite you to join our new Witham Radio family with enthusiasm and participation.”

This development marks a new phase for community radio in Lincoln. As the university adapts its educational offerings to meet digital demands, Witham Radio aims to carry on Siren FM’s legacy, ensuring local voices remain heard.

As Witham Radio prepares to launch, this transition underscores a broader trend in media, merging traditional platforms with digital innovation. While the success of the station’s launch depends on Ofcom’s approval, the dedication shown by all parties involved suggests a promising future for this new community radio station.

The end of Siren FM broadcasts signifies a significant chapter closing in Lincoln’s community media landscape. However, the forthcoming launch of Witham Radio by Brayford Broadcasting C.I.C. promises to continue local engagement and deliver high-quality programming. This transition, supported by the University and driven by committed radio professionals and volunteers, underscores the enduring value of community radio in an evolving media environment. As Witham Radio prepares to go live, it upholds the spirit of Siren FM, poised to enrich the cultural and social tapestry of the community once more.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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