National Marine Aquarium CEO Set to Depart After Seven-Year Tenure

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The Chief Executive Officer of the Ocean Conservation Trust (OCT) has announced plans to retire at the end of the upcoming summer season, concluding a distinguished seven-year tenure. The departure comes as the charity, overseeing operations at the National Marine Aquarium, reflects on a period marked by challenges, including the closure necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Originally assuming leadership of the National Marine Aquarium, the outgoing CEO’s tenure saw the establishment of the Ocean Conservation Trust, with a strong emphasis on ocean advocacy.

The announcement of the impending retirement prompts the initiation of the recruitment process for a successor, scheduled to assume leadership responsibilities by the end of the summer. Simultaneously, the OCT is actively engaged in fundraising efforts and the implementation of ambitious oceanic initiatives, such as seagrass restoration and nationwide educational programmes.

Reflecting on the decision to step down, the outgoing CEO expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with a dedicated team, acknowledging the significance of the transition. “It’s been a privilege to work alongside such an inspiring team, and while it’s not an easy decision, I believe it’s the right time to pass the torch,” remarked the CEO, reaffirming commitment to the cause of ocean conservation.

A spokesperson for the Board of Trustees commended the outgoing CEO’s leadership and dedication to marine conservation and education. Recalling memorable presentations featuring the CEO’s distinctive octopus costume, the spokesperson highlighted the contagious enthusiasm that characterised the outgoing CEO’s advocacy.

As the outgoing CEO prepares to depart, the OCT bids farewell to a chapter defined by exemplary leadership and looks ahead to the appointment of a successor tasked with advancing the organisation’s mission of oceanic preservation.

In anticipation of the forthcoming transition, the Ocean Conservation Trust stands poised to embark on a new phase, driven by a steadfast commitment to the protection of our oceans.

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