Majestic French Warship Graces Cardiff Bay

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Cardiff Bay, renowned for its stunning vistas and bustling ambiance, has been graced with the presence of a formidable visitor this weekend in the guise of an immense military vessel. Moored at Britannia Quay stands an impressive warship, proudly hoisting the French flag, attracting the attention of spectators and passersby alike.

The vessel, identified as Premier Maître L’Her, a formidable frigate from the esteemed French Navy, arrived on Thursday afternoon, as confirmed by Associated British Ports (ABP). Scheduled to depart on Monday, 8th April, the warship’s brief sojourn in Cardiff serves a crucial purpose – to allow its crew to replenish supplies and partake in some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Over the weekend, residents and visitors alike marvelled at the sight of the grey-hulled frigate dominating the skyline of Cardiff Bay. Premier Maître L’Her, known as Chief Master L’Her in English, embarked on her mission from Brest, France, on 19th February, as part of a two-month deployment in the North Atlantic, according to the French Government’s Ministry of Armed Forces.

Remarkably, this marks the second consecutive weekend that Cardiff has played host to a formidable naval presence. Previously, a vessel from the Royal Netherlands Navy graced Queen Alexandra Dock, though it remained out of public view. Arriving on Friday, 29th March, and departing on Monday, 1st April, the Dutch ship extended its hospitality to visitors from the Newport Sea Cadets and South Wales Fire Service during its stay.

A spokesperson for ABP highlighted Cardiff’s appeal as a naval destination, citing its proximity to leisure facilities and the dedicated berth at Britannia Quay. The Port of Cardiff, situated on the north side of the Severn Estuary, ranks among the 21 ports managed by ABP across Britain. Notably, ABP oversees trade valued at over £400 million and handles approximately 1.8 million tonnes of cargo annually through the Port of Cardiff alone.

Recent years have witnessed a recurring presence of military vessels in Cardiff Bay, underscoring the city’s significance as a maritime destination. Notably, the arrival of three warships from Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands at Britannia Quay was met with a warm reception by Cardiff’s Lord Mayor, Bablin Molik.

As Premier Maître L’Her casts her imposing silhouette against the Cardiff skyline, her presence symbolises the enduring ties between nations and the importance of maritime cooperation. While her departure may mark the conclusion of this brief chapter, Cardiff’s legacy as a welcoming port for naval vessels continues to thrive, promising future encounters that celebrate maritime heritage and international camaraderie.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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