Devon and Cornwall Community Spaces Secure ‘Lifeline Funding’

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In a bid to rescue community hubs from closure, five projects across Devon and Cornwall have been awarded vital funding, surpassing £2 million. These funds, allocated through the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities’ Community Ownership Fund, aim to safeguard local pubs, community centres, and a music venue, underscoring the critical role such spaces play in fostering community cohesion.

This latest injection of financial support marks the third investment round from the department, with a total of nine projects across the South West benefiting from this initiative. Moreover, the Department for Levelling Up has extended its reach, announcing a staggering £33.5 million allocation on Saturday, salvaging over 80 projects across the entirety of the UK.

Among the beneficiaries of this crucial funding is the Cornwood Inn, which is set to receive over £8,000 to modernise its kitchen facilities. The chairman of the Cornwood Inn Action Group Ltd expressed gratitude for the lifeline, highlighting the challenges faced by the establishment since its acquisition in 2019. The outdated nature of the current kitchen equipment was described as “inefficient, difficult to clean and unreliable.” The pledged funds will facilitate the much-needed kitchen overhaul, promising improved efficiency and reliability in serving customers.

Lynton and Lynmouth Town Council will also benefit, receiving funding to enhance community toilet facilities, while the Kennerleigh Community Shop embarks on a new build project with the support of announced funds. Falmouth Town Council’s Princess Pavilion and St Ives Town Council’s Market House are set to undergo transformations, thanks to the secured funding. The latter aims to foster inclusivity and accessibility within the community.

The Minister for Levelling Up underscored the importance of community assets, describing them as “vital” to people across the UK. He reiterated the government’s commitment to preserving these establishments, labelling the funding initiative as a “major rescue package.” The objective, he stated, is to prevent the closure or loss of these integral community spaces, ensuring they remain at the heart of beloved communities.

The announcement of the third round of funding from the Community Ownership Fund brings the total expenditure to £103.1 million, benefiting a total of 333 projects thus far. This sustained investment reflects the government’s recognition of the invaluable role played by community spaces and its determination to uphold their presence in the fabric of British society.

As communities across Devon, Cornwall, and the wider UK breathe a collective sigh of relief, the impact of this funding wave reverberates far beyond monetary value. It stands as a testament to the resilience and solidarity of communities, underscoring the power of collective action in safeguarding cherished institutions. Looking ahead, it is imperative that this momentum is sustained, ensuring that community spaces continue to thrive, serving as vital hubs for connection and cohesion in an ever-changing landscape.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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