Community Unity Prevails as Wrexham Stands by Miner’s Project After Break-In

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A display of unwavering community spirit is unfolding in Wrexham as residents come together to support the Miner’s Project in the aftermath of a distressing break-in at their Maesgwyn Road facility. The incident, which occurred on Friday morning, left staff disheartened as they discovered the aftermath of an intrusive break-in.

Unidentified individuals gained access to the property overnight, leaving destruction in their wake. A thrown brick through a window marked their entry point, and the intruders made off with money from the till. The impact was substantial, affecting both the cafe and workshops within the building and leaving the owner devastated.

However, the immediate response from the Wrexham community has been nothing short of overwhelming. The existing fundraising efforts on GoFundMe witnessed a surge in donations, accompanied by messages of empathy and solidarity. A notable contribution of £1,000 came from a co-producer of the ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ documentary.

Contributing to the outpouring of compassion, representatives from Wrexham AFC, including the manager and club executive, visited the Miner’s Project. Their presence provided a much-needed morale boost for the volunteers navigating through this challenging time.

Expressing appreciation for the support received, the owner shared, “The support has been amazing. People are offering their services, such as helping with security, maintenance, collections of money, and clean up. Additionally, there has been a significant improvement in donations to our GoFundMe fundraiser, which was already running before the break-in. The visit from Wrexham AFC, along with our Patron, really boosted everyone’s spirits.”

In an effort to show gratitude for the community’s generosity, an announcement was made that all donations made in January and February would be entered into a special draw for a signed Wrexham shirt.

The Miner’s Rescue, dedicated to preserving the stories and memories of Wrexham’s mining community, has undergone significant restoration over the past decade. Operating primarily with the help of volunteers, the project extends support to the community through various workshops and a cafe.

The incident on Maesgwyn Road prompted the involvement of North Wales Police, who are actively investigating the matter. A police spokesperson urged anyone with information or dashcam footage of the area to come forward, contacting them via the official website or by calling 101 and quoting reference Q002042.

Despite the setback, the Miner’s Rescue showcased resilience by reopening its doors to the public on Sunday, January 7, after a two-day closure. The determination of the community to stand united and support a project that holds historical significance for Wrexham remains a testament to the strength of solidarity in times of adversity.

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