Bristol’s Corporate Leaders Embrace Aprons for the Anti Banquet: A Night of Giving Back

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In a city celebrated for its dynamic culture and culinary scene, Bristol’s foremost business figures are gearing up for a distinctive culinary experience set to redefine traditional fundraising events. The Anti Banquet, orchestrated by Josh Eggleton, Team Canteen, and Plaster, promises an evening of gastronomy, amusement, and entertainment—all in support of the Bristol Local Food Fund.

Scheduled for February 29, this extraordinary event will witness CEOs and chefs don aprons to raise an ambitious £100,000 for the Bristol Local Food Fund. This volunteer-driven organization plays a pivotal role in bolstering community food projects throughout the city, addressing issues of food inequality head-on.

The head of a turnkey construction company, specializing in the data, defence, and energy sectors, is one of the influential figures supporting the cause. Expressing enthusiasm for the unique concept of the Anti Banquet, the CEO, who has secured nine tables for the event, stated, “The concept of the Anti Banquet is simply fantastic—it’s a chance to invert the traditional ‘fundraising dinner,’ applaud our teams who wouldn’t typically attend such events, and witness their directors assisting in the kitchen alongside some of Bristol’s most intriguing professional chefs.”

This company is not alone in its commitment to the cause. The Anti Banquet actively calls on businesses to join the movement, acquire tables, and support the Bristol Local Food Fund. In a city where 12% of residents depend on food banks weekly, the Anti Banquet seeks to make a tangible impact on the lives of those in need.

Bristol’s standing as one of the most ‘unequal’ cities in the UK adds urgency to the cause. The funds raised during the Anti Banquet will be entirely directed towards the Bristol Local Food Fund, underscoring the event’s dedication to addressing food equality within the city.

Businesses are urged to purchase tables not only for their own enjoyment but also to extend the opportunity to local charities and worthy causes. The distinctive twist of having executives assume roles in the kitchen or front-of-house staff adds a refreshing dynamic to the evening, emphasizing the spirit of collaboration for a vital cause.

Moreover, companies are encouraged to donate their tables to a charity of their choosing, ensuring that those truly deserving can attend the event while contributing to the noble cause.

Sponsors such as Bristol Beer Factory and Arthur David are rallying behind the Anti Banquet. Bristol Beer Factory will supply beer for the night, while Arthur David will provide catering produce and equipment. These partnerships underscore the community-driven ethos of the event.

Entertainment is not an afterthought at the Anti Banquet. Team Love and Plaster have curated an evening filled with performances, with event hosts expressing excitement about the entertainment line up. The program includes talents like the Invisible Circus and the 45s, promising an unforgettable night for attendees.

The culinary aspect of the evening is equally star-studded, with chefs handpicked by organizer Josh Eggleton. The line up features culinary luminaries, with Eggleton emphasizing the brilliance of chefs volunteering their time to collaborate with business leaders and create an exceptional night for Bristol’s charity sector, public sector teams, and their own workforces.

As the cost of living crisis deepens, the Anti Banquet emerges as a beacon of hope, aiming to secure the future of Bristol’s community food charities. The event serves as a testament to the resilience of the community and the power of collaboration in addressing pressing social issues. The Anti Banquet is not just a night of revelry; it is a collective effort to make a lasting impact on the lives of those most in need in Bristol.

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