How Food Firm is Assisting Chester Charity in Feeding City’s Homeless

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Nestled within the heart of Chester, a city steeped in history and charm, lies a sobering reality often overshadowed by its bustling streets and lively atmosphere – the issue of homelessness. Chester Aid to the Homeless (CATH), a charity steadfast in its commitment to easing the plight of those without shelter, is witnessing a surge in demand, particularly among women, older individuals, and asylum seekers. However, amidst these challenges, a ray of hope emerges in the form of support from a local food wholesaler, Harlech Foodservice.

The chief executive of CATH, who has been leading the charity’s efforts for over two decades, notes with concern the sharp rise in individuals seeking assistance, attributing it to the prevailing cost of living crisis gripping the nation. He observes a shift in demographics, with more women and older people seeking refuge, alongside asylum seekers who have recently gained the right to remain in the country. These evolving trends underscore the complex web of challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness.

Reflecting on the changing landscape, he remarks, “We work with anyone and everyone, but the problem is now that we’re inundated.” He highlights not only the increase in numbers but also the compounded difficulties faced by those seeking support. The spectrum of issues encompasses not just housing insecurity but also intertwined complexities such as health concerns and substance dependency.

The key account manager at Harlech Foodservice acknowledges the growing homelessness predicament afflicting cities nationwide, including Chester. In response, Harlech has forged a partnership with CATH, extending regular donations of food and essential items to aid their vital work. He emphasises the company’s commitment to making a meaningful contribution to the communities it serves, recognising the gravity of the situation. “It’s a startling fact that someone on the streets has a life expectancy half that of the average,” he remarks, underlining the urgency of the support being provided.

The collaboration between Harlech Foodservice and CATH extends beyond mere provisions. Notably, Harlech sponsored refreshments for homeless families attending a performance of the pantomime Cinderella at the Storyhouse Theatre in Chester, exemplifying a holistic approach to community support.

Founded in 1972, CATH has been a cornerstone of support for Chester’s homeless population for over five decades. Operating primarily from the Harold Tomlins Centre on Grosvenor Street, the charity offers essential services ranging from showers and laundry facilities to medical assistance and accommodation. Working in tandem with partners such as Soul Kitchen and Share, CATH endeavours to address the multifaceted needs of its beneficiaries, extending beyond mere sustenance to foster a sense of community and belonging.

The service manager at CATH attests to the efficacy of the collaboration with Harlech Foodservice, noting the seamless communication and responsiveness exhibited by the wholesaler. “They’re lonely and just need someone to talk to,” she reflects, highlighting the holistic approach adopted by CATH in supporting individuals from all walks of life.

Harlech Foodservice, with over 200 employees across three depots, remains committed to its ethos of community engagement and support. Through its extensive distribution network spanning Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire, and the Midlands, the company continues to play a pivotal role in addressing food insecurity and supporting vulnerable populations.

As the collaboration between Harlech Foodservice and CATH demonstrates, collective action and community support are vital in addressing the multifaceted challenges of homelessness. In a society facing escalating socio-economic pressures, such partnerships serve as beacons of hope, illuminating the path towards a more compassionate and inclusive future.

In the face of adversity, solidarity prevails, as local initiatives and corporate partnerships combine forces to combat homelessness and extend a lifeline to those in need.

Danielle Trigg
Danielle Trigg
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