Agent’s ‘All You Read Is Love’ Campaign Surpasses Expectations with £15,000 Worth of Books for Children this Christmas

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In a heartwarming display of generosity and community spirit, Liverpool-based brand and communications agency Agent has exceeded expectations with its annual “All You Read Is Love” campaign, donating an impressive £15,000 worth of books to hundreds of children across the North West this Christmas.

For four consecutive years, Agent has been committed to countering the adverse effects of reduced book budgets on young people in the region. The primary goal of the campaign is not only to spread the joy of reading but also to enhance literacy levels among children facing socio-economic challenges.

This year, partnering with global book distributor Publiship, Agent set an ambitious target of collecting £10,000 worth of books. However, the campaign has not only met but surpassed this goal, reaching an astonishing £15,000 in book donations to date.

The agency’s CEO and founder expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support, stating, “We initiated this campaign with the aim of fostering a love for reading among young minds and providing them with the tools to explore new worlds through literature. Thanks to the generosity and support of our valued partners and the wider community, we have not only achieved but exceeded our ambitious goal. We appreciate everyone that has supported the campaign – and there’s still time to get involved!”

Reflecting on the successful partnership, the ESG manager at Publiship shared pride in their collaboration, saying, “We take immense pride in teaming up with Agent for ‘All You Read is Love’. It’s heartening to know that through this campaign, we are instilling a love for reading and improving literacy levels among young individuals facing challenges. We extend our gratitude to everyone who has supported this initiative, and there’s no better time to get involved and make a difference.”

The initiative not only benefits from financial contributions but also actively encourages individuals to participate by donating new or excellently conditioned children’s books. Agent continues to accept contributions at its Manchester and Liverpool studios, aiming to extend the positive impact of ‘All You Read is Love’ even further.

With the festive season approaching, the campaign adds a touch of warmth and joy to the lives of children who may face economic challenges, providing them with the gift of knowledge and the joy of exploration through literature. As the campaign demonstrates, the power of community collaboration can create a meaningful difference in the lives of the younger generation.

Agent invites individuals and businesses alike to join the cause, emphasizing that there is still time to contribute and make a lasting impact. By fostering a love for reading and improving literacy levels, the ‘All You Read Is Love’ campaign not only brings smiles to children’s faces this Christmas but also lays the foundation for a brighter, more literate future for the North West’s youth.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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