Tradespeople Feel Like Easy Targets for Theft, Survey Reveals

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In a recent survey conducted by Direct Line for Business, it was found that a staggering 87 percent of tradespeople who utilize vans feel like vulnerable prey for theft due to the high value of the equipment they carry. The poll, which involved 500 tradespeople, shed light on the challenges faced by these hardworking individuals and the impact theft has on their livelihoods.

The survey unveiled that more than a third (35 percent) of respondents reported attempted break-ins to their vans within the past year. Even more concerning, 22 percent of tradespeople admitted to having their tools stolen. As a result, the financial burden imposed by these incidents amounts to an average cost of over £750 for repairs or replacements each time.

However, it was also discovered that 46 percent of victims were fortunate enough to recover at least some of their stolen tools. This finding offers a glimmer of hope amid the widespread frustration experienced by tradespeople.

Direct Line for Business has taken proactive steps to draw attention to this pervasive issue. To highlight the discrepancy in sentencing laws related to theft, the insurance firm transformed a van into an office in a well-known tradespeople hotspot located in Slough. The symbolic act aims to emphasize the profound impact of theft on tradespeople’s lives.

Joe Shadbolt, a tradesman, shared his personal experience, stating, “The impact of theft from my van has had a catastrophic effect on my day-to-day working life. If my tools are stolen, I can’t work. This means I’m not earning, and if I’m not earning, I can’t pay bills or support my family properly. By turning my van into an office, Direct Line are shining a light on an issue that is having a fundamental impact on my livelihood.”

The study also revealed that 22 percent of those surveyed had been approached and offered tools they believed to be stolen. However, despite these alarming statistics, a significant 87 percent of tradespeople do not believe that the current consequences for tool thieves serve as an effective deterrent, according to data collected by OnePoll.

A spokesperson from Direct Line for Business expressed concern about the issue, stating, “Theft from vans is a major problem for tradespeople, with 35 percent reporting attempted break-ins over the past 12 months. According to our interviews with reformed thieves, this crime is seen as low risk with a high reward. Tradespeople carry high-value items in their vans, and the punishment if thieves get caught is less severe compared to theft from an office.”

The spokesperson further emphasized the significance of a tradesperson’s van, stating, “When speaking with our customers, we know a van is a tradesperson’s place of work. It’s where they take their calls, it’s where they eat their lunch, it’s where they do their paperwork.” Direct Line for Business aims to raise awareness of this pressing issue not only for their customers but for every tradesperson across the UK who has already experienced or may potentially fall victim to theft.

The survey results provide a sobering reminder of the challenges faced by tradespeople and the urgent need for effective measures to combat theft. Until stronger deterrents and penalties are put in place, the risk of becoming a victim remains high, jeopardizing the livelihoods of hardworking tradespeople throughout the country.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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