Report Reveals UK’s Worst Airlines for Flight Delays in 2022

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The Civil Aviation Authority reported these figures to the PA news agency, which analyzed the data across all departures from UK airports by airlines with more than 2,500 flights. The investigation found that the average delay was 23 minutes.

In response to the findings, CAA consumer director Paul Smith stated that the authority has requested stronger consumer enforcement powers, including the ability to impose fines on airlines. He also emphasized that airlines should provide timely support and assistance to passengers when flights are disrupted, as well as inform them of their rights.

Trade body Airlines UK said that punctuality is essential for customers and that last year’s delays were not representative due to the late unwinding of COVID restrictions. The sector has since invested significant resources into improving resilience for the upcoming summer season, according to the trade body.

However, Boland argued that the figures should come as no surprise to passengers who have faced “shoddy treatment” from airlines for years. He emphasized that the government must give the CAA effective powers to clamp down on poor airline behavior.

The CAA reported in December that Wizz Air was delaying refunds, and its passengers were more likely to escalate their complaints. The authority is currently working with the airline to improve outcomes for consumers.

Wizz Air has not yet commented on the findings.

  1. Wizz Air: 46 minutes and 6 seconds
  2. TUI: 40 minutes and 18 seconds
  3. Qatar Airways: 31 minutes and 48 seconds
  4. Turkish Airlines: 29 minutes and 30 seconds
  5. Pegasus Airlines: 27 minutes and 18 seconds
  6. Flybe: 26 minutes and 6 seconds
  7. Air Portugal: 25 minutes and 48 seconds
  8. Air Canada: 25 minutes and 18 seconds
  9. British Airways: 23 minutes
  10. Vueling: 22 minutes and 12 seconds
  11. Ryanair: 22 minutes
  12. Loganair: 22 minutes
  13. 21 minutes and 42 seconds
  14. Air France: 21 minutes
  15. Swiss Airlines: 20 minutes and 48 seconds
  16. Emirates: 20 minutes and 36 seconds
  17. easyJet: 20 minutes and 24 seconds
  18. Lufthansa: 20 minutes
  19. Eurowings: 19 minutes and 24 seconds
  20. Virgin Atlantic: 19 minutes
  21. KLM: 18 minutes and 30 seconds
  22. Delta Airlines: 18 minutes and 18 seconds
  23. Aer Lingus: 18 minutes and 6 seconds
  24. Eastern Airways: 17 minutes and 30 seconds
  25. American Airlines: 16 minutes and 48 seconds
  26. Blue Islands: 16 minutes and 42 seconds
  27. Aurigny Air Services: 16 minutes and 30 seconds
  28. Iberia: 15 minutes and 36 seconds
  29. SAS: 14 minutes and 30 seconds
  30. United Airlines: 14 minutes and 6 seconds
  31. Norwegian Air Shuttle: 13 minutes and 42 seconds
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